Saturday, March 29, 2014

Welcome and Bookshelf Tour

Hello there everyone,

First of all, my name is Alya and welcome to my blog. This blog is going to be mainly about books and my life therefore, sorry if you do not enjoy that. I love books and reading and everything that falls in between. For a while I have been on goodreads (I believe a year and a bit now) but I think it is not enough. I want to show books and display my opinion in a place where I can add pictures and things like that. Basically as a human I want a place where I'd voice myself and have it centered around me. I would love it if you guys interact with me in the comment section and let me know what you guys think, future post ideas and whatever you want. :-)

The name of my blog for now is Book Spell, as in books cast spells on me and I am in love. Or (hoho) since I love puns (although I suck most of the time) It is like I spell (spill) everything about books.. Get it? ha....ha.

Now that we are done with the introduction, I thought there is no better way to start a book-blog with a bookshelf tour. This is my entire book shelf in my room, I love to color coordinate things it makes me really happy.

First of all here is an over view of my book shelf area. I have two bookshelves one vertical and one horizontal.

This is the first shelf on my vertical bookshelf. It has a mixture of blue/baige/ white books.

The shelf below it contains red and yellow books. I like how this mixture of books look at the moment.

Here its pink/purple/black books. I love Hello Kitty and it just suited this shelf.

Moving along to the horizontal shelf, I have those beautiful wooden cats brought from my friend from Turkey.

The rest of the books are color coordinated.

And thats all folks.